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John Walker, HAS, BC-HIS

John Walker, HAS, BC-HIS

John Walker, HAS, BC-HIS, has been a licensed hearing aid specialist in the state of Florida for over 30 years. He initially started his career right out of college in Orlando, where he attended the University of Central Florida getting his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a computer science minor.

His first affiliation was in the retail sector with Miracle-Ear. In his 19 years with Miracle-Ear he helped the Orlando firm grow from one to over 40 offices, it became the largest franchise in the world! He was the top specialist with the firm for his tenure and consistently in the top 10% of specialists nationally.

Mr. Walker went on to join the largest single ear, nose and throat clinic in the region, Palm Beach ENT Associates.

Mr. Walker worked with some of the finest ENT physicians in the region including (ret.) Dr. John Murray. During his time there he consulted with several hearing aid manufacturers on digital hearing aid performance for the patient and was awarded Best Hearing Healthcare Professional recognition for 2011 and 2012. These were peer recognition awards from one of the largest national trade journals, The Hearing Review.