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“John is extremely professional”

“I’ve been John Walker’s patient/client for many years. My previous experience with the hearing aid industry was very disappointing. The service was usually poor and the aids did not work very well for my hearing loss condition.

John is extremely professional his entire approach is to provide great service, excellent fitting and state of the art hearing aids to achieve the best result.

I have recommended him to my friends and associates and they have been fully satisfied.”

Larry Liebman

“John has been a great help to me!”

“I met John Walker 5 years ago when my hearing started to fade and I needed help! John took the time, performed the initial diagnosis and guided me through the myriad of hearing aid choices to select what was best for me. Soundlens Synergy was the finest device on the market at the time and is virtually invisible. I have been very pleased with this choice and John has been there to assist with adjustments, re-evaluating the different decibels, routine maintenance, etc. from the on-set. I feel very fortunate to have John’s support because he makes people feel at ease and has been a great help to me.”

Tom Wicky

“John is very professional, caring and easy to talk to.”

“Ten years ago I had to get hearing aids and have been to approximately four different Hearing Aid Specialists and because of my last specialist moving to a different area I was fortunate enough to get John Walker’s name from a friend of mine. Since then I have very pleased with his services. John is very professional, caring and easy to talk to. I can highly recommend John to anyone with any hearing aid problem.”

Gloria More

“What a pleasant experience.”

“My name is Harold Kutner and I have a serious hearing problem. I have had it for many years and have worn hearing aids for over ten years. I started by visiting a store advertising price and miracles. What a surprise, there was no process and aids were never adjusted properly ending up in the trash can. About seven years ago, a friend advised me to see John Walker.  What a pleasant experience! Not only did he fit me with the proper hearing aids, which by the way were not the most expensive on the market, but the hearing aids worked from day one. Most importantly buying hearing aids is a process and that is where John excels, he ensures you will get the maximum capability from your aids.”

Harold Kutner

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